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StudioBio is a hypothetical bioapparel company brand founded in 2025. The idea behind this brand is that the current landscape of biomaterial industry is shifting; we are seing new start-ups, designers working at these start-ups and collaborations between scientists and designers more readily occurring. Also, competitions such as the Biodesign Challenge and courses such as MA Material Futures CSM are producing designers and teams who are setting up their own start-up companies. The recent announcement of the partnership between CSM and LVMH and The Burberry Foundation awarding 3million to the RCA to establish the Burberry Material Futures Research Group, shows a shift in industry investing in research and new collaborations. If we put this into the context of a future where the materials and production methods of the textile and apparel industry have opened their doors to a new portfolio of biomaterials, there will potentially be new types of business and brands emerging in this space. 


Alongside this it connects to the potential retraining of designers being versed in biodesign and the tools and techniques of this new field of design. StudioBIO is a company set up by 2 designers, one who has completed a PhD at the RCA in the school of material engaging with the Material Futures Research Group and the other at CSM in MA fashion engaging in the Sustainability and Innovation Programme funded by LVMH. Through a collaborative project and independent collaborations with synthetic biologists, fashion promotion and marketing and fashion business students, they decided to set up a new venture bringing their research and expertise together. 

Design - Hannah Hansell

Photography - Hannah Hansell

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