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Mycellium Dress

This dress is a couture piece, biobespoke, made, as an example of how the company Studiobio can cater to clients’ needs for customisation and personalisation at a biological level. Made from synthetic mycelium engineered to grow in a lace pattern, the dress is the first of its kind. There are 3 components to this piece, images of the cress as artifact, promotional images of the dress and a promotional video. 


The piece is a development on from Carole Collet’s Biolace works and aim to try to continue this method of using critical design to present viable speculations. There is the addition in this piece through the use of mycelium that these samples would be used to breakdown carbon and pollutants in the air. Mycelium would also utilise some of existing functions as an organism made of countless hyphae that communicates to its counterparts by using a web like network. The mycelium has been reprogrammed to utilise this communication system to construct lace patterns. On disposal of the garment when dug into the soil it would work further to remove and reduce the harmful effects of certain toxic contaminants. 

Design - Hannah Hansell

Photography - Hannah Hansell

Styling - Hannah Hansell

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