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The Living Collection

A set of underwear, bra and knickers designed to offer anti-bacterial properties through impregnated mycelium that eats sweat and body odour. Designed and manufactured by StudioBIO, this is a speculative piece of work that proposes such a future material for use in production of apparel inpregnanted with living organisms as an alternative to current staple cotton garments.


There are 2 components to this piece, 1 is the actual product packaged, branded and labelled. The other is a campaign for the product. The packaged product aims to communicate a few things, 1 is the brand and the lifestyle that they are trying to sell through the function of the garment. This lifestyle is a consumer who is concerned about personal health and hygiene but also about the planet. They are a consumer who wants to reduce their environmental footprint and impact and are therefore consciously paying more for biodegradable underwear. The other is through the packaging and how consumers will interact with this product at purchase and use. The piece is vacuum packed with a bioplastic in order to keep the microbes in stasis within the product. Finally, the labelling and the narrative that this opens up around a need for new care symbols and guidelines for consumers purchasing biogarments. 

Design - Hannah Hansell

Photography - Hannah Hansell

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