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BIOtunic addresses a potential DIYbio trend and movement where designers and hobbyists are working with microbes to produce biogarments. The pieces aim to discuss the trend of current biohacking spaces where anyone can join and engage in basic biohacking. BIotunic looks at how in the future this could become a standard design tool for creatives and non-professionals working on DIY craft projects. It does this through the basic design and construction of the garment, showing that it has been made using domestic processes for example through the basic stitching and finishing and the experimental quality of the design, dying and overall aesthetic. 


There are 2 components to this piece, 1 is the actual garment boxed and preserved in the archive. The other, images of the garment being excavated from the site it was found at documented on the website. The addition of the photographs is to support the narrative of future biogarments being biodegradable. It also aims to create discussion around whether such materials will actually achieve their stated disposal. We can see biodegradable materials in industry at the moment, but they require industrial composting environments in order to fully biodegrade. Will we see similar issues with future biomaterials that they do not meet their expectations? 

Design - Hannah Hansell

Photography - Hannah Hansell

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